Who I Can Help…

If the following steps apply to you, working together may be a good move.

  1. You need to have a marketing budget. If you don’t have an absolute bare minimum of $1,000 per month to commit to your Facebook ads and management then you’re SOL. Starting your business for you is not my jam.

  2. You need to be an established business that’s already making money. If you don’t have money to invest in marketing your business, then you don’t have a business yet (See #1).

  3. You have to actively be trying to grow your business. I’m hoping you’ve found yourself here for this very reason.

  4. You have to have a proven sales process. I’m really good at bringing you leads. But you have to close them.

  5. You need to have a Facebook business page in good standing with The Mothership (Facebook). If you’ve had your account suspended or flagged currently or in the past for black hat types of violations, we can’t work together.

  6. You need to be a cool person. I consider myself a good, honest person/business owner and I try my best to surround myself with people who fit that bill. If you are a stubborn business know-it-all or generally unpleasant, I don’t want to work with you. Communication is a big part of our business relationship and you need to be someone with whom I enjoy communicating.

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