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With the campaigns described in your email and over the phone, I have a breakdown of services and what I can provide given the sense of urgency:


  • daily/weekly strategic posts across all social channels
  • daily/weekly video editing
  • access and use for thousands of source music for social content (royalty free through my business subscription)
  • weekly strategic updates to the cavaliers website via front end development changes
  • copywriting for all social media content
  • strategic planning and work for the 4 campaigns (Colorguard, Town Hall, Drumline (King Cobras), and Kitchen Truck rebranding)
  • any weekly meetings needed for planning
  • 4 weeks of services for campaigns

I project between 3 hours of creative output each day with an occasional 4 hour day. 


Digital Marketing Package [Cavaliers 2022]

  • This product is a service for marketing and advertising management for your business. There are no physical or tangible goods or services to provide.

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