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The secret sauce everyone knows about but still needs help with - advertising online.

Ok, imagine running your business without the hassle of actively seeking new leads or sales. Everything is automated and all you have to do is follow up. Easy, done, sign me up! Seriously, that would be amazing, right?! Well, not only is that amazing and ridiculously cool, it's actually possible...really, check it out...

There's a reason why you get served certain advertisements on your social media networks - it may seem like "hey, I feel like my phone is listening to me" - now, I'm not saying I'm listening in on your conversations, but there is a way to precisely measure and target the right audience using social media paid advertising...So check this out...

Do you or someone you know work in any of these categories? Maybe even a side hustle that you want to scale?!

  • Realtors

  • Gym owners

  • Personal trainers

  • Business coaches

  • eCommerce business owners

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Etsy/Pinterest

  • Bloggers

Any of these categories are perfect for advertising on social media...if you do it well. That's where I come in, because see...

It is no longer viable to just post organic material on your social media platforms and expect a ton of engagement or sales (unless you already have a great following, of course). But, even then, social media algorithms are intentionally making it harder for business owners to even share organic material to their followers - because they see $$$ and want to nickel and dime you but there is good news...

Using targeted advertisements, instead of boosted posts, on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and just about any social media platform, you can reach not only your followers, but millions of other legitimate customers based on the very target market you're looking for....and yeah, even a small business could stay local, regional or take on the world if they wanted to with these ad placements. This means that you can scale that business!

I'm sure you have tried "boosting" a post and seen little to no success and that's normal. See, I like to think of a boosted posts as the store front to a brick and mortar store - anybody on the street could see it but it may not be the right fit for them. But, if done correctly, paid advertising on the back end of social media platforms take on more precise data and allow specialists such as myself, to sift through and help your ads reach the right people - at a cheaper cost. Plus, you can easily switch on/off the amount of money you want to use at any given moment. Which is awesome, because there's nothing more annoying than committing to boosting a post and setting money on fire.

Now, sure, you could go and spend the time learning this stuff on your own and fumble around with hours of content explaining everything, reading other blogs on the topic, watch videos, or you could outsource the help saving you headaches, time, money, and give you the freedom and flexibility you want in owning a business so that you can actually scale.

In my experience, I've handled dozens of advertising accounts across multiple social media platforms throughout the years and have saved a business from going bankrupt, helped a real estate agent bring in 90 leads in one month (I'm not exaggerating - the market was on fire in February of 2021 and those leads were like $0.30). I've also helped a non-profit raise $71,948 in 49 days and an eCommerce company bring in $13,000+ in 60 days on a budget that would blow your mind! Social media advertising is such a powerful tool and having a specialist on board could be the extra kick that your business needs.

So, I'll gladly meet over zoom to learn about your business and if I can bring value. I can share the tools, insight, and suggestions that could bring value to your team or kickstart your business in 2022.

Simply check out my schedule here and book a time that works.

Oh, and if you're not a business person but refer someone to me, I pay $$$. Seriously. 😎


J. MacMorran

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