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How it started

I quit my full time job after helping two friends grow their business with online marketing. 

Now, three years later, I've helped real estate agents bring in 90 leads in a month, music academies double their growth in 60 days, helped non-profits raise $75,000 in 45 days and work closely with businesses across different industries. Want to have 13-15 new conversations and clients each month? Here's how...

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platforms & services


We manage, create, and help your business advertise with these tools AND much more.

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Instagram Advertising

  • SEO

  • Google Advertising

  • YouTube Advertising

  • TikTok Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Automation Systems

  • Lead Generation

  • Content Creation

  • Website Design

  • General Consulting

projects & partners

Our Clients

Rosewood Realty

Texas, USA


PS Music Academy

Indiana, USA


Rover University

Bangkok, Thailand

Untitled design (2).png

Tech Solar Energy


Colorado, USA


Arrivista Planner

Maryland, USA


  • Learn more about our process with a consultation

  • See "behind-the- scenes"

  • Share your story with us


  • We'll integrate all your platforms

  • CRM, Email, Social -- you name it!

  • We set up automations for you!

  • Need help? We got it!


  • Let's keep it YOUR business

  • We amplify your message

  • Targeting the RIGHT audience is key


  • Awareness, branding, lead generation? We got you!

  • We keep those costs DOWN and get you QUALIFIED leads

ready to get started?



MACDesigns Digital Marketing Agency is a small business that serves small businesses. We work closely with our partners and clients to provide the best service possible in a more affordable way than conventional marketing.


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